"Nine Good Reasons to Hire a Private Personal Trainer" 
These days, money is tight for almost everyone. Even those of us who haven't felt the direct hit of the economic recession are scrutinizing spending like never before. As a result, much of what we perceive to be "life's extras" are now facing the financial chopping block. Should the choice to hire (or keep) private personal trainers survive your personal budget cuts?             
Here are nine reasons the answer should be "Yes!"
9 Good Reasons

Accountability.  House-call trainers provide accountability because there is a human face attached to the expectation.  There's no room for excuses when you've scheduled an appointment and the trainer is there ringing your doorbell.  Trainers also typically have their own trainers, for that very reason. 
Education:  The trainer provides you with learning opportunities and valuable insights and instruction that will become the keys to your success.
Encouragement:  When you have a trainer standing over you, cheering you on, you're much more likely to squeak out those last three exercise repititions than if you're all alone with no one there to see what you're doing.  Come on; you know it's true!
Family Impact.  Through your good example, your spouse and children will learn the benefits of health and wellness.  You will become an inspiration to others. 
Independence.  Even if your goal is to create your own workouts and exercise by yourself, hiring a trainer for a few sessions can be a great way to learn the right exercise techniques to help you avoid injury. 
Management & Prevention.  A countless list of health issues, including asthma, depression, and high cholestrol can be controled or prevented when proper exercise is incorporated into your lifestyle.
Results.  The most obvious reason to hire a personal-fitness trainer is for the results -- The "After Story".  Click on our Testimonials tab to see what we're talking about!
Creativity & Resourcefullness.  Variety is the spice of life, and it's also one of the keys to achieving fitness results that last.  Your body needs a change in exercise routines on a regular basis in order to progress and maintain an optimal fitness level.  A personal trainer takes all the guess work out of it for you by creating the proper workouts to achieve those results.
Value.  Think about how much money you're spending on daily miscellaneous expenses such as meals out, entertainment, salon appointments, etc.  Will any of those things lead to a longer, healthier life?  Your health and well-being should be a crucial priority.  Nothing else will give you the pay-back rewards that a healthy lifestyle will give you!