"In the summer of 2012, I joined one of Judene's groups for a 6-week Boot Camp.  Being middle aged and having never been into the "workout scene", I was a bit reluctant.  After the 1st week, I was hooked. Judene varies her approach to each individual, so no matter your fitness level, you feel sucess from Day One.  She is so in tune with her clients that she knows the right time to push but also when to pull back and not push you past your limit.  I suprised myself, and without hesitation, signed up for another 6 weeks.  I not only feel fit, but my whole being is happier.  I highly recommend Flex Appeal Personal Fitness Training."                                                    -- Mary V., Webster, NY
"A few years ago, I realized I was in less than ideal shape, and my wife, Leslie, and I decided to hire a Personal Fitness Trainer.  On my first day, I was unable to pedal an exercise bike for more than four minutes before I was exhausted.About a year later, Leslie and I did a Cross-State bike ride with our trainer, Judene Scheidt, and her husband, Bob.
From four minutes to 400-hundred miles over 8 days, cycling 50-60 miles a day under very strenuous situations, was a remarkable improvement in one year, and one of the greatest experiences of my life!  We were able to do this because of the wonderful workouts that Judene gave us twice a week.  Judene's program was a "total-body workout", and we soon learned how true that title was.  We worked every muscle in our bodies!  The workouts were always different, challenging, and fun!  Judene is very knowledgeable and very creative in her exercise selections.  I like to tell people that Judene changed my life! 
We highly recommend Flex Appeal Personal Fitness Training. "                                --Dennis & Leslie H., Rochester, NY

 "Who would have thought that at 5:30 in the morning, two days a week, a group of six women would look so forward to getting together at the local playground.  For two summers this was our morning routine; I still can't believe we did it!  Not only did we do it, but we actually liked it.  Judene Scheidt developed an individual plan for our group; starting out slow (most of us not even able to do one push up), Judene gradually got us to a point where we could do sets of 8-10 push ups.  We could run, even sprint, without stopping to catch our breath.  The "positive" that I took away from each session was how it impacted my entire day.  After a workout session, my day was different -- my energy level was better, my overall mood was better, even my work efficiency was better on the days that I started with a Flex Appeal workout."                                                                                                                                                                     -- Kathy D., RN, Webster, NY

The ultimate professional, Judene inspires, encourages, and pushes you past where you think you can go!  All for your personal best.  She is always prepared with new and creative workouts to "surprise" those muscles and get you in your best shape.  She is so positive, and I am ALWAYS glad to have melted away a stressful day with our workouts.  She has been flexible and willing to work around my difficult schedule.  I can't say enough about what fun it is to know Judene is coming over.  She is 'The Real Deal'!  See for yourself; you won't be disappointed!"    
                                                                                                                                                   -- Cara R. PhD, Rochester, NY
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